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People often ask me why I want to run for Justice of the Peace. The short answer is that I want to help people, but what motivates me to help people this way goes much deeper than that. 

  • Williamson County
    Resident since 1998
  • Chief Deputy Treasurer, Williamson County
  • Williamson County Republican Women, President
  • Twenty-Year Teacher for at-risk students 
  • Established Credit Recovery Program in GISD
  • Former Executive Assistant to Congressman Carter
  • Certified Office Emergency Coordinator
  • Mother of two 
  • Grandmother of four
  • Volunteer mentor for
    women in crisis
  • Paralegal studies I,II, III
  • Certified Personal trainer
  •  Honor Flight Coordinator

Did you know about 20 % of Americans, and one in ten households in Williamson County report experiencing mental health problems? I had no idea how devastating depression could be until 21 years ago, when my husband of 13 years was struggling and we just didn’t know how to help him. He went to doctors, counseling, and rehab programs, but eventually, he took his own life. His suicide was devastating to me, my children, and our families, and at the time, I didn’t know where to turn. I suddenly found myself juggling single parenting and my teaching career. I worked hard every day to do my best at both. It actually helped me get through my pain to help others, and since then, I’ve leaned into mentoring and volunteering people at risk.

When my son left for college in 2012, I decided to move closer to my daughter and her husband, who were stationed with the Navy in Virginia. I began working for Congressman Neugebauer and for Congressman Carter in Washington, D.C. I traveled back to Texas to see my family on the weekends, and was privileged to coordinate many Honor Flights during my time there. It was a great experience, but in 2018, my daughter and her family relocated to Hawaii and I decided it was time to come back to Texas and work for Williamson County as Chief Deputy Treasurer.

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